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‘Gold rush’ as Botswana meets appetite for lion goods

Data shows that over a 10-year period South Africa received most of the live lions and their products exported from Botswana – including 16 live lions in 2019.
Investigation by Calistus Bosaletswe for INK Centre for Investigative Journalism.

Botswana is landlocked, but is still exporting shark fins

Botswana has no coastline, yet it is still exporting shark fins worth P17 million (R24 million) to neighbouring countries, including South Africa, according to the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the UN’s Comtrade database.

Phiri suspicious citizenship

New evidence shows that politically connected businessman Simbi Phiri has a curious citizenship, writes BOBBY KABANGO.

At war with the West

THE ANC has adopted as its official position a highly conspiratorial report that claims Western imperialist powers are working through opposition parties, NGOs and hash-tag campaigns such as Zuma Must Fall to force “regime change” in South Africa and other countries of the region.

Chef’s dreams go up in smoke

A dozen of students at a local chef academy in Gaborone are protesting what they say is weak quality culinary education offered by African Global Skills Academy, the students concern included frequent change of lecturers and shortage of material.

Ontebetse joins Amabhungane!

Sunday Standard news editor Khonani Ontebetse will join the prestigious investigative journalism Centre, Amabhungane at the beginning of April this year. Ontebetse is expected to spend three months at the Centre working closely with some of the best investigative reporters in South Africa. Ontebetse’s three months internship at Amabhungane was organized and facilitated by Ink […]