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Turmoil in Africa’s ‘model democracy’ 1 August 2019

Turmoil in Africa’s ‘model democracy’

Everywhere you look, there is back-stabbing, defections, grandstanding and chaos. Joel Konopo looks at the disjointed state of politics in Botswana as the election nears.

23 July 2019

#MauritiusLeaks: Botswana in tax avoidance scandal

A Mauritius-based shell company existing only on paper – with no employees, office or business activity – received a substantial amount of money as payment from the government of Botswana. But how did the government pay a shell company millions of pula in what appears to be a classic case of tax avoidance?

22 June 2019

African gay bashing ‘a colonial import’

Some decry Botswana’s enlightened High Court judgement on gay sex. But studies show that homosexuality existed – and was tolerated – across pre-colonial Africa.

17 June 2019

Life lessons from a year at Stanford

How being a JSK Journalism Fellow inspired personal and professional change