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Forced marriage threatens teenager’s education 19 April 2021

Forced marriage threatens teenager’s education

Mosidi Mokaeya

Ragele Karosa* (16) of Ngami Junior Secondary School has a passion for success. She values school more so because she has dropped out twice due to pregnancy. Her premature motherhood has become a financial burden to her unemployed parents who were already struggling to make ends meet. The youngster says that she regrets her pregnancies because they have cemented her parents’ belief that by now she should be a wife. Now, the Herero born student of Semboyo village in Ngamiland fears that she will soon be forced to become a child bride.

29 March 2021

‘Magosi behind secret recording’

Calistus Bosaletswe

Botswana’s head of intelligence, Brigadier Peter Fana Magosi, arranged to secretly record the meeting where top spies, detectives and prosecutors discussed the investigation of former president Ian Khama’s alleged involvement in large-scale corruption and money-laundering, allege two well-placed sources.

18 March 2021

No escape for trafficked Mogobane girls

Mosidi Mokaeya

Fifteen-year-old Lesedi Mmopi and her 16 year old sister Grace Mmopi have been waking up at 4.30 am every morning. Instead of rising early to prepare for school, the youngsters have been forced into a different world.

11 March 2021

Recording sheds light on P100 billion investigation

A leaked audio has revealed Botswana’s top spies, detectives and prosecutors huddled together in a meeting to strategies for an investigation into how former president Ian Khama and his ‘enforcer’ Isaac Kgosi may have instructed the Bank of Botswana to shift funds raised from government bonds during Khama’s term in office