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Khama-Chameleon: Botswana’s foreign policy shift 24 October 2018

Khama-Chameleon: Botswana’s foreign policy shift

How should we understand the foreign policy of African states? And why do some countries with a dubious record at home talk so much about democracy abroad? Esther Brown considers the case of Botswana, and offers some compelling answers.

5 October 2018

Want to Change How Investigative Journalism is Done in Africa? Here are 14 Recommendations

More than 10 years ago, the first non-profit investigative journalism in Africa was established. Following this development, more nonprofit investigative journalism organizations have been set up in more than 20 countries throughout the continent. And that number continues to grow.

20 September 2018

How Basarwa endure perpetual violence and deprivation

Basarwa have plenty of regrets. The biggest was adopting a constrained Tswana way of life that has given them diseases and introduced greed.
INK visited Qabo and Ghanzi in the heart of Basarwa country.

26 July 2018

The damning Gukurahundi dossier that Mugabe frowned upon

ON 2 March 1983, heads of international aid agencies operating in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces had the unenviable task of meeting then Zimbabwean Prime Minister Robert Mugabe to discuss a very grave subject.