Independence buys freedom
Good Khama, bad Khama 4 August 2017

Good Khama, bad Khama

The regime of the Botswana president is accused of eroding good governance and democracy, as the economy starts to lose its lustre.

4 August 2017

Panama Papers: Jaw dropping investigation that shamed African leaders

While the involvement of Africans in the Panama Papers scandal has been described as ‘jaw dropping’, the revelations have resulted in very little action being taken

10 July 2017

How Molale bleeds CEDA

On more than five occasions, senior cabinet minister Eric Molale received a generous helping hand from Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency despite evidence that he is a regular defaulter.

10 July 2017

Phiri suspicious citizenship

New evidence shows that politically connected businessman Simbi Phiri has a curious citizenship, writes BOBBY KABANGO.