Independence buys freedom

President Masisi and the illusion of change

Botswana security agents on Thursday afternoon detained two journalists from the Weekend Post newspaper who are accused of taking pictures of an unmarked building allegedly belonging to the Directorate on Intelligence Services (DIS).

Break-in at INK offices

The INK Centre for Investigative Journalism office was broken into on Saturday night, two days after plain clothed officers informed its journalist that they will be called in for questioning over a leaked intelligence report claiming that the intelligence service has been carrying out an operation intended to disrupt the opposition ahead of 2019 election. […]

Ombudsman’s Mosu report places Khama above the law

Botswana has been lauded as the “African Success Story” since the 1980’s and labelled as the epitome of democracy in a continent where democracy has been under threat by authoritarian regimes and individuals.

How capital flight bleeds Africa

We know the story: Africa is poor, and it needs the help from rich countries. And if Western powers have exploited the black continent through slavery, colonialism and resource extraction, that’s all in the past.

If crime crosses borders so must journalism

It is great honour for me to stand before a gathering of amazing men and women so dedicated to fighting transnational organized crime and corruption. I would like to thank ENACT, and its implementing partners, Institute for Security Studies, Interpol and the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime for the opportunity to address this dinner tonight.

COMMENT – Now we know the truth about Mosu

INK Centre for Investigate Journalism and The Sunday Standard, in a joint collaboration reveal their findings on the role the Botswana Defence Force played in performing errands for President Ian Khama at his private property on the outskirts of Mosu using tax – payers’ resources.

Khama, Trump, Duterte and Erdoğan –World Press Freedom Day: A story of rights, liberties, duties and threats to national security!

Ian Khama, Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are all democratically elected leaders under their respective countries’ constitutions. And while they appear to be worlds apart in political outlook, methods of governance and social policies, they have a common thread that unites them; a hatred for the media.

World Press Freedom Day – A tribute to Africa’s Journalist

As the world commemorates World Press Freedom Day INK Centre for Investigative Journalism’s NTIBINYANE NTIBINYANE pauses to pay tribute to Sol Plaatje, one of the founders of independent journalism in Africa.

Detention and harassment of journalists investigating the construction of the president’s holiday home


Botswana security agents on Wednesday afternoon briefly detained and threatened to kill three journalists from INK Centre for Investigative Journalism, a non-profit journalism outlet based in Botswana. The detention which occurred in the central part of Botswana appears to be an effort to intimidate and harass independent media in a country lauded as the shining example of democracy in Africa. Seven armed plain clothes security agents on quad bikes and SUVs barred the journalists near Mosu village, some 600kms north eastern Gaborone and warned them never to “set foot” near President Ian Khama’s private compound or risk death.

Lets us end violence against women


It is nice to visit Francistown again. I am pleased to see the New Directions program coming here for the first time. This is certainly a wise choice, given the leading role this city continues to play in the HIV response for the northern region of Botswana.