Independence buys freedom

Mosugate: We bring you the images

The INK Centre contracted a US-based commercial satellite imagery firm to capture a high-resolution image over President Khama property in Mosu. The image, together with six-month investigation provides fresh evidence that BDF is heavily involved in the construction of the president compound.

In Malawi Phiri’s company flouts the rules

A controversial P5 billion water project awarded by Malawian government to Khato Civil has been suspended after the Malawian Law Society flagged irregularities in the tender citing absence of a crucial Environmental Impact Assessment, INK Centre for Investigative Journalism has established.

Maele sleeping with Malawian controversial businessman

Minister Prince Maele is struggling to explain his role in fast tracking an application for change of land use by a company belonging to a controversial Malawi businessman, Simbi Phiri who is linked to corruption allegations.

At war with the West

THE ANC has adopted as its official position a highly conspiratorial report that claims Western imperialist powers are working through opposition parties, NGOs and hash-tag campaigns such as Zuma Must Fall to force “regime change” in South Africa and other countries of the region.

World Press Freedom Day – A tribute to Africa’s Journalist

As the world commemorates World Press Freedom Day INK Centre for Investigative Journalism’s NTIBINYANE NTIBINYANE pauses to pay tribute to Sol Plaatje, one of the founders of independent journalism in Africa.

Detention and harassment of journalists investigating the construction of the president’s holiday home


Botswana security agents on Wednesday afternoon briefly detained and threatened to kill three journalists from INK Centre for Investigative Journalism, a non-profit journalism outlet based in Botswana. The detention which occurred in the central part of Botswana appears to be an effort to intimidate and harass independent media in a country lauded as the shining example of democracy in Africa. Seven armed plain clothes security agents on quad bikes and SUVs barred the journalists near Mosu village, some 600kms north eastern Gaborone and warned them never to “set foot” near President Ian Khama’s private compound or risk death.

Botswana’s bubble bursts as economic decline sets in

Too many mines, too little to show for them – that is Botswana’s problem. Diamonds, copper, nickel – all have been hard hit by falling world resource prices, and for the first time since independence, the country historically seen as one of Africa’s success stories is confronting real economic decline. By Joel Konopo for INK.

Inside the Polokwane détente

What happened in Polokwane, may as well as stay in Polokwane. A year after the Polokwane secret détente, INK Centre for Investigative Journalism reporter NTIBINYANE NTIBINYANE pieces together an outing that brought together the four leaders Botswana’s main opposition parties

Corruption: Only thing that works in Africa

Botswana has slipped to the 35th place on Transparency International’s 2016 corruption perception index as Somalia languished at the bottom of the list of 176 nations for the six straight year.


International credit rating firm, Standard & Poor (S&P) warned this month that Botswana faces a “deteriorating outlook” in 2017, a move that suggests the dreaded downgrade from A-/A-2 sovereign credit rating could be on the horizon.