Independence buys freedom

Coronavirus: Censorship is not the cure

Joel Konopo

The glitter of Botswana’s “shining example of democracy” is fading as the country of 2.3 million people slowly slides towards authoritarianism.

Coronavirus may just be the end for many newspapers

Like the elderly and those with weak immune systems, the newspapers are vulnerable to Covid-19, argues NTIBINYANE NTIBINYANE.

Coronavirus: Poaching fears spread at Wildlife Dept.

Calistus Bosaletswe

A leaked document in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism shows that some officers are deeply concerned about possible escalation in poaching if Botswana Defence Force (BDF) troops deployed in anti-poaching are withdrawn from national parks in the Okavango Delta and transferred to support Covid-19 restrictions.

As Covid-19 is spreading rapidly across the world: Botswana looks unprepared

Botswana’s decentralized authority, poor health care and skimpy safety-net will all make the coronavirus response harder to deal with. The uncertainty is high, according to health officials. KAGO KOMANE reports.

Doubts over Botswana’s preparedness for corona virus

Botswana may be dangerously unprepared and incapable of wadding off the deadly coronavirus if an outbreak reaches the country.