Independence buys freedom

INK Centre discuses “clean” Covid – 19 procurement

INK Centre held a half-day Town hall meeting in Mogoditshane near Gaborone to discuss ways in which the government could adopt a multisectoral approach to fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finance Uncovered trains African journalists on money laundering, tax evasion

The current crisis facing markets has reminded us about the importance of financial journalism and the need to understand techniques used in investigating illicit financial flows, a British veteran journalist, Nick Mathiason told Botswana and Malawi journalists recently.

Nigerian investigative journalist drills Botswana media students

Journalism is under attack and journalists need to defend the truth as well as combat the spread of fake news and disinformation that has become a commonplace, top Nigerian investigative journalist said.

INK embraces a paradigm shift from traditional to digital media

Ntibinyane who just returned from a research project which included mobile journalism from Oxford said, news as we know them are increasingly under threat from technological advancement especially with the advent of smartphones

Facebook remains the most popularly used social media platform in Botswana

Social media face the challenge of credibility with the advent of fake news, said Sally Evans – Digital coordinator/Investigator-amaBhungane on a one day training workshop for various local journalists in Gaborone.

How smartphones are changing the future of news

The news circle is changing as mobile journalism takes center stage, says INK journalist, Ntibinyane Ntibinyane during a two-day training workshop organized for local journalists.

INK targets cub reporters, graduates

INK Center held a half day training workshop today, targeted at junior reporters and final year university students with interest in investigative journalism.

INK journalist returns from fellowship

After three months of intense investigative journalism fellowship in South Africa, INK’s Kago Komane returned this week with plans to impart her skills on young local journalists.

Health journalism need not be boring, says Malan

Bhekesisa health editor has advised local journalists to find interesting angles when reporting on health issues to draw audience attention.

INK at Italy Journalism Festival

INK Centre was among a few African media organisations to participate at the annual International Journalism Festival (IJF) in Perugia, Italy. The conference attracts an audience of 1200 including 700 speakers from over 50 countries. INK journalists, Ntibiynane Ntibinyane and Joel Konopo participated at the five – day festival in line with the Centre’s mandate […]