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INK journalist returns from fellowship

INK journalist returns from fellowship

6 June 2018

After three months of intense investigative journalism fellowship in South Africa, INK’s Kago Komane returned this week with plans to impart her skills on young local journalists.

Komane spent three months (April to June) horning her investigative journalism skills with some of the best investigative reporters at Amabhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism in Johannesburg.

Amabhungane develops investigative journalism by imparting skills to others in the media through fellowships and extra mural transfers.

While in South Africa, Komane carried out an investigation in to appropriation of land by Tati Company. She is expected to impart her skills on fellow journalists at INK as well as other young journalists in Botswana. Head of Editorial at INK CIJ, Joel Konopo said the internship would help Komane apply knowledge she acquired and skills gathered from Amabhungane thereby increasing her propensity and capacity for local newsrooms.

Said Komane: “I quite enjoyed my time with Amabhughane. It opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities of how we can grow and improve investigative journalism in our turf.”

She said working with experienced journalists and mentors gave her the confidence she needed as a journalist.

“I now feel confident and ready to play my part in developing investigative journalism in Botswana,” said Komane.

Information is key to quality journalism but because there are so many constraints to getting information especially from government entities, many stories never see the light of day. This Komane says, is one of the areas that the internship focused on, finding alternative ways and resources to get information that will give your investigations more credibility.


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