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Health journalism need not be boring, says Malan

Mia Malan

Health journalism need not be boring, says Malan

6 June 2018

Bhekesisa health editor has advised local journalists to find interesting angles when reporting on health issues to draw audience attention.

Mia Malan was speaking at a one – day training workshop organized by INK Centre for Investigative Journalism. The purpose of the workshop was to drill journalist on effective ways to cover health stories and overcome fatigue associated with health reporting particularly HIV Aids issues.

She said health reporting should not be boring if stories are presented in narrative form.

Malan also advised journalists to question government policies when reporting and  said its important to tell a story in different ways.

 According to Malan, journalists need to plan their stories in a manner which conveys the information in an accurate and balanced way.

“When someone says something about HIV, right or wrong use it as an opportunity to investigate the issue,” she said

Malan is an award winning journalist who started Bhekesisa in 2012 to imprive health reporting in South Africa.

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