Independence buys freedom

Poor communities bear the brunt of human-wildlife conflict  

Solomon Tjinyeka

Humans have coexisted with wildlife for millennia in both conflict and peace but the human-wildlife conflict is not a comfortable subject as it involves loss of life and livelihoods, fear and anger.

As Coronavirus fears squeeze tourism, Botswana safari industry shed jobs


On a normal day, Maun International Airport, a gateway to the iconic Okavango Delta, sees hundreds of passengers, but this has changed in the past few weeks. The airport is almost deserted with only few tourists, suggesting that the Coronavirus known also as Covid-19 may be taking a bite out of the tourism sector.

The painful plight of a landless farmer

The announcement by Australian mining company Discovery Metals Limited (DML) a few years ago that it would mine copper in the North West District has brought more harm than good for cattle farmers. NTIBINYANE NTIBINYANE reports

Bigger vision or nightmare

When the Australian mining company came to the three villages in the heart of Ngamiland, in the north west location of Botswana, it seemed at first like some kind of salvation from the heavens.