Independence buys freedom

Phiri suspicious citizenship

New evidence shows that politically connected businessman Simbi Phiri has a curious citizenship, writes BOBBY KABANGO.

In Malawi Phiri’s company flouts the rules

A controversial P5 billion water project awarded by Malawian government to Khato Civil has been suspended after the Malawian Law Society flagged irregularities in the tender citing absence of a crucial Environmental Impact Assessment, INK Centre for Investigative Journalism has established.

Maele sleeping with Malawian controversial businessman

Minister Prince Maele is struggling to explain his role in fast tracking an application for change of land use by a company belonging to a controversial Malawi businessman, Simbi Phiri who is linked to corruption allegations.

Malawi conglomerate named in Panama Papers

PANAMA PAPERS: Press Trust Corporation, an organization established through an act of parliament and run by political elites in Malawi, is secretly registered in the tax havens of British Virgin Islands, Jersey and Channel Island. INK Centre for Investigative Journalism and Centre For Investigative Journalism Malawi, through the support of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and African Network of Centres for Investigative Reporting have established.