Independence buys freedom

Why non-profit newsroom is the future of journalism

There is need for an independent press that has the economic strength to stand up to the blandishment of government, writes Joel Konopo

Botswana in the grip of bad

Africa’s model democracy is sliding into a monocracy that is punishing the media, argues Joel Konopo.

In the dark on Botswana-SA rhino move

Botswanan military aircraft flew in to SA to grab 20 rhinoceroses, but nobody seems to know why, says Joel Konopo.

Khama and the politics of anger

Khama outrage at Nasha signals a leader poorly attuned to the demands of political survival. Writes Joel Konopo*

Inside Lesotho dirty battles with SADC

Heated correspondence shows the scale at which Lesotho and Southern African Development Committee (SADC) are determined to fight over the assassination of a Lesotho army general, JOEL KONOPO.

Khama’s ESP breaks no new ground

Government plans to create over 27 000 jobs and allocate 34 000 plots as part of its expansionary fiscal Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) in the 2015/16 financial year to revitalise an ailing economy reliant on diamond revenue, a provisional report seen by INK Centre for Investigative Journalism shows.

ESP Projects awarded while Botswana is still arguing

While Botswana is still debating President Lt Gen Ian Khama’s Economic Stimulus Package, Sunday Standard has raised documents revealing that the stimulus programme has already started and has been running for months – some projects under the programme have already been completed while others have been put out to tender.

Bigger vision or nightmare

When the Australian mining company came to the three villages in the heart of Ngamiland, in the north west location of Botswana, it seemed at first like some kind of salvation from the heavens.

Who’s who of Botswana linked to supermarket chain

Choppies retail giant denies using ‘soft power’ to secure privileges and dispense benefits.