Independence buys freedom

Botswana’s bubble bursts as economic decline sets in

Too many mines, too little to show for them – that is Botswana’s problem. Diamonds, copper, nickel – all have been hard hit by falling world resource prices, and for the first time since independence, the country historically seen as one of Africa’s success stories is confronting real economic decline. By Joel Konopo for INK.

Inside the Polokwane détente

What happened in Polokwane, may as well as stay in Polokwane. A year after the Polokwane secret détente, INK Centre for Investigative Journalism reporter NTIBINYANE NTIBINYANE pieces together an outing that brought together the four leaders Botswana’s main opposition parties

Khama and the politics of anger

Khama outrage at Nasha signals a leader poorly attuned to the demands of political survival. Writes Joel Konopo*