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Favorite Tools for Investigative Reporters

What tools do investigative journalists use in the course of their work? In this series, we ask journalists from around the world to share some of their favorites with GIJN’s readers.

Scrapping data online

INK Centre collaborated with Amabhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism to hold a one-day workshop on “How to access public information on the Internet” in August 2016. The workshop attracted 18 journalists from radio and print. Amabhungane investigative journalists drilled local journalists on techniques of using internet to scrap publicly available data for investigative journalism. INK said it will continue to impart investigative journalism knowledge and skills on Botswana journalists.

INK CENTRE condemns suspension of Gabz FM presenters

The 10 day suspension of Richardson and Shumba comes on the back of an unrelated BOCRA investigation into the conduct of the two for allegedly violating the Broadcasting Act Regulations as a result of their interviews with the controversial American Pastor, Anderson last month.