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Suspended Majaga will be independent MP

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Suspended Majaga will be independent MP

14 May 2020

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has suspended its Member of Parliament, Polson Majaga pending a defilement case, a top party official confirmed.

Majaga appeared before Nata Magistrate court on a single count of defilement on Monday. His matter is scheduled for June 28. He is accused of allegedly impregnating a minor in the outskirts of Nata in his constituency. He denied the allegation and claimed that his detractors are sowing seeds of hatred.

“Yes, a decision has been taken to suspend him for the duration of the court case,” a BDP source said pleading not to be identified.

“We will release a statement tomorrow.”

“We have suspended him until the court outcome. It does not matter how long it takes,” said the source.

The party wil not be recalling the youthful legislator. A sitting member of parliament has a fixed five-year term and there is no legal provision for members of the community to recall their member of parliament from office. There is no way of holding an MP accountable other than during election.

The suspension means that Majaga will be an independent member of parliament.

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